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This year, Snowmedia reached the ripe old age of 20. The range of services it provides has evolved – ever adapting to the changing media landscape, but our vision has not.


It was founded by me, Tony Snow in 2001. My background is in journalism, before progressing into public relations and education.


Over the years, Snowmedia has grown to work across different sectors and in different functions.

Nowadays we work with a pool of highly talented specialists build around our core team of designers, copywriters – with creative direction for each project led by me.

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We see our clients as our partners and still get the buzz as we support them in finding creative new avenues to promote what they do.


Mentoring is a massive part of our ethos. We take the view that raw talent, is great talent waiting to happen and through various schemes we seek to nurture and develop those that show an appetite and desire to succeed in the creative industries.

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